Wall To Wall Interiors is a premier design service specialising in residential and commercial projects. Whether building a new house, renovating an existing room, or starting a new business, Wall To Wall Interiors can assist with your design planning and selections to create your ideal interior space.


Good design is all about finding a healthy balance between form and function. The design form needs to be visually pleasing, but also needs to be functional and suitable for everyday use. This concept is the core belief at Wall To Wall Interiors. Your needs for your interior will be assessed and carefully considered, and then transformed into a design solution that reflects your individual requirements and personal style.


Many people who are building or renovating either feel overwhelmed, want a second opinion, or simply don’t have time when it comes to designing their interior spaces. This is where the assistance of a professional design service can help. In addition, using an interior designer can also lead to potential savings in regards to sourcing materials and tradespeople. Connections in the industry have often saved our clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their projects. Wall To Wall Interiors is all about flexibility, and providing the service YOU desire at a price that is within your budget.


Everyone has different levels of help which they may require. Single appointments to discuss basic colour and material ideas for your home or business are available. Or, if a more comprehensive design is needed, a total interior fit-out can be provided with all components of space planning, colour and furnishing selections covered.


Please feel free to contact me to discuss your personal interior design specifications.


– Lydia Fulgido

(Bachelor of Interior Architecture)