March 31, 2016

New House, Seaton

Full design process for new house recently completed in Seaton. Initial concept ideas for custom floor plan and overall house design were drafted to scale on CAD, which an architect completed with working drawings in accordance to building codes and council requirements. Architectural elements and features were added to both the interior and exterior to create a custom design with a modern feel. A larger interior space was favoured over a bigger backyard. The 394m2 size block was pushed to the limit, utilising as much space as possible into the layout. The result is a spacious and cleverly laid out floor plan for the small sub-divided, 9.1m wide block.

The selling feature for this house is the double garage, which is rarely seen on blocks of this size, and the house was almost designed around fitting this in. The colours and materials selected portray a contemporary style, comprising of charcoals, greys and whites. Timber is mixed with stone; gloss finishes are contrasted by matt. Contrast is the key to adding interest in this interior, along with texture and feature elements. The slick appliances and plumbing fixtures add to the modern intention of this home. Furniture, artwork and accessories were sourced both locally and internationally to complete and style the home.