W Styling specialises in personalised property styling for new and old homes on the real estate market. It is proven that professional property styling can maximise the sale value of houses. Empty space can be deceiving- not all buyers can imagine an empty dwelling as a home with furniture and an empty room can look smaller than it actually is if left without any furniture, causing the potential buyer to question whether their possessions will fit into the space. Dull unfinished properties make it difficult for an agent to sell or gain an emotional attachment with the buyers. W Styling will add warmth, character and human presence to any property.


To begin, a walk through on site will be conducted, followed by a discussion with the owner as to the desired design style to incorporate. Furniture and accessories are then co-ordinated, set up and hired out to present a house to potential buyers in its best light and make it stand out from other properties on the market. All of this is undertaken by a qualified and experienced interior designer. Packages are based on a 5 week hire period, with the opportunity to extend or decrease this time if required. All quoted prices include planning, hire of goods, delivery, set-up and pickup.


If you are selling your house but do not need furniture rental, or only require a couple of select pieces, short consultation appointments are also available. This entails a thorough walk through, ultimately resulting in a list of recommendations to improve your property’s appeal to buyers (such as de-cluttering and room re-configuration, minor maintenance and paint colours advice).


W Styling can also provide ideas and design styling schemes without furniture rental, if you simply need help in giving your current (or newly purchased) home a lift. For a full interior architecture and design service please visit Wall to Wall Interiors.